Where are you located?
435 Woolwich St. Guelph, Ontario

Who's running this show?
Dads Lunch is independently owned, operated and designed by Chris Thede. He's a fun dude with a good sense of humour and blue eyes. He finds it strange writing about himself in third person.

What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

How do I care for my products?
We highly recommend washing in cold water, inside out to keep the graphics fresh, and avoid the tumble dry. Most of our products are high-quality cotton and will shrink significantly.

How often do you restock?
Restocking is done frequently and we carry most items throughout the year. If an item is out of stock, sign up for our newsletter to find out when it's back on the shelf. 

When will you ship my order?
As soon as possible. North American orders typically take 5 -15 business days to arrive.

How do I know my size?
You can check out our size chart here to get a better idea.

How do I get in touch? 
You can fill out our contact form here for any questions or inquiries. 

Do you offer returns and exchanges?
Please see our returns and exchange policy here.