'Morning' Print

'Morning' Print

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I call this one 'Morning', because there's something special about a morning in the bush. The biggest sky, pinks, purples, blues. Sleepy eyed friends grunting as we pack our lunches and sip a coffee, trying to warm up before the day. It's magical. 

"Treeplanting has been a focal point in my life since the day I stepped into that forest. It whole heartedly changed my life. The bush changes you. Things you thought mattered before don’t seem to matter after you come out. These illustrations helped fill the void when I had to leave that life behind and embark on a new journey called a “career”. I hope these help my fellow planters whenever that familiar wave of nostalgia comes a-knockin’"

NOTE: The paper texture and embossed appearance is created digitally then printed on white matte paper. 

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